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Studying in the USA

What to Expect

The USA is the home of the world’s number 1 education system. Students travel from all over the world to join prestigious universities like Baylor University. Studying for, and graduating with, a degree from a USA university will give you a recognized degree and a great starting point for your career.

You can choose your major from a wide selection, after two years of liberal arts education. This means you get to try out different subjects and find what you enjoy and excel at. While studying, you can also choose to participate in research projects with faculty, or get involved in business or sports ideas.

Being an International Student in the USA

Studying abroad gives international students the opportunity to study in a new way, while discovering new cultures and exploring the world to expand your horizons. Baylor is a Christian faith-based school with traditional values. Whatever your religion, you will find others on campus who share your beliefs and want to discuss important shared issues.

International students are welcomed on campus and there is a large international student society. See for yourself what it’s like to be an international student in the USA; browse #YouAreWelcomeHere.

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Life in the USA

The American university experience is famous for a reason. Studying in the USA will bring you unique and exciting opportunities every day.

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USA Education

Number 1 in the world, the US education system is revered for its flexibility and broad programs. Choose your major from your favorite subjects.