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Master's International Year in Engineering


Graduate Study in the USA

We’ve designed our Master's International Year to help you achieve your goals, while surrounding yourself with ambitious students who share your passions. In the Global Gateway Program, you’ll follow a flexible program of study, developing your subject knowledge and language skills in order to graduate with a Master's of Engineering (M.Eng) in just four semesters. Our staff are not only experts in their subject area, but in helping international students like you adjust to life and study in the U.S. With us, you’ll have all the tools needed to succeed in your studies.

Your Pathway to a Career in Engineering

The Master's International Year has been specifically designed to help you succeed on the Master of Engineering program at Baylor. A truly flexible program, you will choose your course of study from across the whole engineering curriculum – as well as courses from other Baylor graduate programs. The Master of Engineering degree is an interdisciplinary degree, jointly administered by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering – so you’re able to study the topics that you’re most passionate about to prepare for your dream career.

M.Eng students go on to be great engineers – from development to design and analysis to application. You’ll be well prepared to enter the workforce in industries such as aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, electronics, energy, and more.

Fast-track Your Career

You'll complete your Master's program in the same amount of time as a direct admit student with the additional support of the Global Gateway Program. Your first two semesters will be taught jointly by the University and the International Study Center. You will benefit from additional English language study while earning 12 credit hours towards your degree – before completing your studies at the University. 

As a Master's International Student, you will be fully integrated into the M.Eng program from day one. By joining the Global Gateway Program, you’ll gain entry without the GRE, so you can begin your graduate studies without additional exams.

Over four semesters, you’ll develop your engineering skills through coursework and practicum projects, which will vary depending on your interests and ambitions. Alongside engineering, you will be able to study complementary subjects such as business, mathematics, statistics and more – so you graduate ready to begin your career.

Benefits of the Master's International Year

  • Graduate in the same time it takes a direct admit student, so there is no additional time to complete your degree
  • Integrated into the M.Eng degree, so you’re a part of university life from day one
  • No GRE upon entry
  • Extra support designed specifically for international students
  • Small class sizes
  • Gain the foundation of study to begin an exciting career in engineering

Key Facts

Program Length

4 semesters (2 semesters taught jointly between the International Study Center and University)



Start Dates

Spring 2022

January 18th, 2022

Summer 2022

May 31st, 2022

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Entry Requirements

Find out what grades you need to achieve to join the International Study Center.

Master's International Year Curriculum

During your first semester, you’ll study 2-3 English courses, as well as the following two degree courses:

  • EGR 5302 Engineering Analysis
  • ME 5351 Intermediate Numerical Methods

During your second semester, you will study two English courses, as well as two senior/graduate courses from either the Mechanical Engineering or Electrical and Computer Engineering departments.

Become an Engineer

By starting your program with us, you’ll get the support and guidance you need to begin your career as an engineer. Take a look at our admissions information, apply to join us, or contact us to take the first step.

Highly Ranked

Baylor University Graduate Engineering School is ranked 127th in the U.S.

Your future in Texas

As well as an exciting course of study at Baylor – you'll benefit from living and learning in an inspiring location, home to many thriving industries.

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