Baylor Bear community

Being a Baylor Bear

Joining the Community

Our beautiful campus is at the heart of student life. All students are known as ‘Baylor Bears,’ and you’ll be part of this caring and active community from the day you arrive.

The Baylor Line

Every year, the freshmen students (first-years) are invited to run the length of the Baylor University football field before the first game of the season. It's a rite of passage as a Bear, and a fun way to get the full American university experience.

Sic 'Em Bears!

The hand signal you can share with any Baylor alumni is the "Sic 'Em". Raise your Bear claw into the air, and shake it while yelling "Heyyyy". Then yell "Sic 'em!" as you swipe your Bear claw down and across. Bring your Bear claw back up into the air, and yell "Bears!".

Hear from an Existing Student

The Real Bears

Our mascots, two brown bears, live in an on-campus habitat.

Baylor Traditions

Baylor is known for its strong school spirit and traditions. These bring everyone together to celebrate the University’s heritage. Annual highlights include the Homecoming parade and the Day of the Bear festivities.

Active Student Life

There are more than 330 clubs and organizations to be part of at Baylor, from rock climbing, rowing and theatre, to academic clubs, faith groups, and sorority and fraternity life.

Sports Success

Baylor’s fantastic sports facilities include a riverside stadium, a golf facility, indoor tennis courts, and an equestrian center. The University’s 19 varsity sports teams are an important part of community life – they compete at the highest level (NCAA Division 1) and are cheered on by the rest of the Baylor Bears.

A Sense of Belonging

Our diverse community is united by a strong sense of belonging. Representing more than 90 different countries, we cheer each other on and we’re proud of our vibrant campus. All faiths are welcomed, and the whole Baylor family shares a strong sense of morals, purpose and belonging.

Your U.S. Family

There are 40 national and local sororities and fraternities on campus