International Study Center

Tuition and Student Fees

Tuition Fees

While studying at the International Study Center, you will need to pay fees for your program, and also for your accommodation.

All prices are in United States Dollars (USD).

International Student Fees

Fees 2020/21 
(per semester)
Tuition (based on 12 hours per week) $22,272
Intensive English Program tuition $9,500
General student fee $2,361
Room and board (estimated) $3,325 - $5,500
Meal plan (The Everyday 150) $2,992
Books and supplies $632
Course or lab fee $50 
Chapel $80
Matriculation $100

Graduate Fees

  Fees 2020/21 
(per semester)
Tuition (based on 9 credits) $16,704
General student fee $2,068
Room and board (estimated) $3,700 - $5,500
Meal plan (The Everyday 150) $2,916
Books $370
Supplies $108

How to Pay

Our secure online platform makes it easy for you to view and pay you fees for the Global Gateway Program at the International Study Center

Payment and Deadlines

Confirmation Payment

Once you have received your offer, you will need to pay a $3,000 deposit to confirm your place and release your I-20 immigration document. This amount will be subtracted from your invoiced tuition fee. An I-20 is required to begin your student visa process.

Please pay your deposit as early as possible to keep your place. We will provide a full refund if you do not meet the visa entry requirements. Please read our terms and conditions for more information.

Payment Deadlines

The full balance of your tuition fees must be paid one month before the start date.

What Happens if You Miss a Deadline?

It is important to meet all your payment deadlines. If you miss a deadline or have an outstanding balance, you may be placed on hold and barred from attending classes until all payments are made in full.

Making a Payment

Please visit our How to Pay page to find out how to make a payment and view your fees.

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