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Arriving in Waco

Arriving in Waco

Once you receive your visa, you can start planning to arrive at Baylor at the start of the next semester.

Before You Arrive On Campus

After you obtain your visa, please complete these next steps to prepare for your travel to the USA:

  • Send your flight information to our International Study Center staff at This information is due 10 days before your arrival date.
  • Book an arrival hotel if you will be arriving before the official first day. You will not be able to move onto campus before then.
  • Please register to be picked up from your hotel on the Baylor Student Arrival Information page.
  • Complete the Immunization Compliance Form on your goBAYLOR account. If you arrive without your immunizations or your immunization records, you may be held up at customs and/or be returned to your country of origin. You will be responsible for all fees associated with traveling to campus without your immunizations.
  • Complete the Residence Hall Contract with your ISC Director. You will receive a “MyHousing” link directly from the university. This link will be sent after your deposit is made to the university.
  • Submit your academic documents (transcripts). During the application process, you provided scans of your original or official academic documents. To finalize the process and confirm your admission, you must submit the following items on or before arrival.
    • Academic documents (transcripts) that have been certified and stamped by the appropriate authority at the issuing institution must be submitted to the university in the original sealed envelope. If the envelope has been previously opened, the documents are no longer considered official and will not be accepted.
    • Original completion certificates (degree or secondary school test results).
    • Official translations of all academic documents which were not issued in English.
  • Prepare your immunization records to bring with you to campus, including original secondary academic transcripts, original high school leaving examination results or diploma, any previous college transcripts, official English versions of all documents, and payment receipts.
  • Semester tuition and fees are due one month prior to the semester start date or immediately upon receipt of a visa. Pay with our easy-to-use sites.

Please use your official name (name on your passport and what you used to apply to Baylor) on all forms and correspondence.

Booking Accommodation

Baylor has a selection of residence halls to suit all living styles. A Student Enrollment Adviser will help you choose and secure your student accommodation after your application is accepted.

Booking Your Travel

After receiving your student visa, you can book your travel to the USA. Waco Regional Airport is the closest airport to campus. You may need to arrange a flight to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, where you can take a bus or a connecting flight to Waco.

What Do I Need To Bring?

It’s worth bringing a few favorite things from home to decorate your room and make it more welcoming. But don’t fill your bag with lots of heavy items; most of what you need, you can buy when you get here. Think about what you might want to pack in your hand luggage, to keep you comfortable on the journey.

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