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Why Study Abroad?

The International Study Center

The International Study Center (ISC) supports high-achieving international students who want to pursue a degree at Baylor University. Our programs will prepare you for the challenges of a Baylor education and offers the opportunity to study abroad.

The Best Start

The ISC creates a supportive environment that helps you adjust to life in America and meet the high expectations at Baylor. With our help, you’ll rise to your full potential and make a smooth transition to your mainstream university studies.

The Right Preparation

Our experienced staff prepare ambitious international students like you for educational excellence at Baylor. You’ll develop the academic knowledge and English language skills you need to thrive, and you’ll experience the same teaching styles as mainstream university students.

International Study Center Facilities

Our classrooms are equipped with the latest learning technology. You will have all the resources you need to excel, such as quiet study areas, group workspaces, modern research facilities and a well-stocked library.

Part of the Community

You will be part of the Baylor community from the start. The ISC is located on campus, so it’s easy to meet other students from America and across the world. You’ll receive full support from the ISC staff and international community.

Learn alongside American and other international students

How to Study Abroad

Find out everything you need to know to join Baylor University.

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